Help Wanted

42wd Publishing says We Are You and like most of you, we can't read minds. We tried, it didn't go very well.

The Online Home for Troubled Skunks is doing well though. And we'd like to personally thank the judge for showing us the error of our ways. Next time we'll get a research license and get lots of government grants for the study of community sourcing the impact of Twinkies on Skunks. On the upside we did have one skunk that discovered the fine art of sugar fueled hostage taking - but that's a story for another time [and it's a true story, happened to Doc Harvard - no joke, it really is true, ask him about it].

We digress, what we're saying is that we're looking for guest bloggers and topics that you want to read about.

The Topics

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Well We Think So

We can accept that the story of 42wd Publishing may not be a story of biblical proportions; but, we're so damn proud of it we'll probably keep blathering on about it. After all, we can honestly say that no one else does online publishing like we do so of course we want to brag about our publishing and ePublishing strategies; but, we get that you may not be that interested. So 42wd Publishing thought we'd give you a chance to save yourselves from seeing nothing but just how wonderful and great online publishing can be done by 42wd Publishing. Of course we're still going to talk about it but it'll be intermixed with all sorts of helpful community sourced ideas from you guys. To get things started we decided to come up with a list of potential topics:

The List

a.k.a. a List of Possible Topics

  1. Publishing - duh
  2. ePublishing - double duh
  3. Comics - writing and drawing
  4. Online Comics - lots of stuff in there
  5. Poetry - roses are red, violets are blue, I've got some words to share with you
  6. Novels - are word counts really that important
  7. Short Stories - keep it short and sweet
  8. World Building - it's a small world after all
  9. Character Building - why do I really care about you
  10. Plot Building - is this a cheesy dime store drama or something deeper
  11. Anything Else You Can Think of
The List is just a jumping point for possible blog content to help us create an online writing lab or even, if we can get enough interest, an online writing center.

Who We Want

You'd think all we want are successful published novelist, creative writing teachers and people like that; but, that's simply not true. Sure we want you folks but we also want - yip, another list:

The Other List

a.k.a. the List of Folks We'd Like to Share Their Writing Knowledge

  1. Writers - duh again
  2. Poets - pretty words filled with liquid angst and whisking frivalry
  3. Artist - a picture is worth a thousand words
  4. Authors - pass it on to the next murder of bards
  5. Comic Artist - draw me a picture of a thousand words
  6. Comic Writers - when a picture isn't enough just say it
  7. Song Writers - putting words to a melody
  8. Anyone else who wants to help their fellow creators

Getting In Touch

So you want to help out? Great! The easiest way to do it is to contact Doc Harvard on Google+ [Click Here]. Just +mention Doc Harvard and we'll get down to work figuring out how you can help your fellow creators.

Once you contact Doc Harvard we'll discuss just how much you want to contribute and some rewards for helping out.

So go do it now! Contact Doc Harvard on Google+ and tell him you want to help out.