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Unexpected Benefit of Playing Ingress

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Unexpected Benefit of Playing Ingress

Got this from one of the lovely physical therapist at the VA in A2 MI. As some of you know, and some don't, I'm a disabled veteran with some pretty extreme mobility issues from time to time. Not bring this up for any sort of sympathy so don't go there. :P

I'm bringing it up because it means that I am constantly challenged to stay in shape. Aside from the obvious gaming entertainment of Ingress it provides me mental motivation to get out even when I'm in pain, which is pretty constant so it's a pretty convenient excuse. After all, you have to reclaim your portals from the opposing team right? If you caught a previous post you'll see that my current total of miles walked so far playing the game is 123 miles.

I've been tracking my miles using a +Google Drive Spread Sheet and a pendulum pedometer. Combined they work well for basic data collection but there's no real way to track the speed of the walking, how long the bursts are, identify trends, and so forth, without some serious data crunching. While I'm very interested in my own data, obviously, I just don't have the time.

Well when I was doing my physical therapy today I was talking with one of the therapist about Ingress and how it had provided me with motivation to actually get out and walk when I didn't really feel like it. She had me hold on for a minute in the exercise I was doing and went to one of the offices and brought back what you see below. This thing is snazzy.

It can basically do everything I wanted it to, and stuff I hadn't even thought about. It comes with some very nice data software and has a USB port to plug into your computer to directly download the data it collects as you walk. I'm really excited about it and as soon as I finish writing this social blog entry I'm going to set it up and go take back some of the portals in my area that got taken down. I'll be sure to share some of the data after I've collected enough to make it worth showing.


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