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I'm Sorry Dr. King

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I’m Sorry Dr. King

I'm sorry but I must disagree with those of you have been sharing political pandering and justifying them through the words of MLK. Though it may be unpopular to do so and even cause some backlash to me I’m afraid I have reached my limit. In my time on this Earth I have seen Dr. King’s words twisted to condemn the military, to condemn false inequality, to condemn just about everything, and now, well now they are being used to condemn Obama and his various choices - to include labeling him militant.
Obama is not the sole bearer of burden. There is a Congress that must ratify every single decision he makes or it doesn't happen. There is also the Supreme court which can overturn anything the Executive or Legislative branches ratify. In other words, there are thousands of people in our government just as responsible as Obama is for any militant action. Additionally, We the People, regardless if you voted for him or not, voted a majority to re-elect him so part of the blame also rests on our shoulders. Furthermore, we elected the various members of Congress who support militant action.
I am personally tired of this whole blame the President, any president. This concept is bred in ignorance. He alone is not responsible for the choices being made. We the People have the constitutional right, by majority, to depose, impeach, and or remove through criminal prosecution any federal government leader and yet we do nothing except place blame. It is time that we educate ourselves on the power of the people, the very same power MLK repeatedly spoke of and we don't use.

Are you aware that the U.S. has the smallest voter turnout of all countries - showing up to 1995?
And that barely half the population votes?

We shouldn't be ashamed of any president and what they do. We should be ashamed of ourselves for what they do because we put them there. It's time to stop blaming the people we elect and start taking the responsibility that MLK said we should take - glossed over point of his many speeches.
As to the U.S. being the most militant, maybe internally [though that's debatable based on my experiences outside of the U.S.] but externally this is blatantly false. Look at the genocide that has been committed by numerous other countries. Look at the wars that are being fought today that the U.S. has nothing to do with. Look at China, Russia [yes still Russia], North Korea, many of the Arab nations, Israel. No, this so called militaristic point of view is exaggerated. But again, we bear the burden of responsibility as we, again by majority, put these leaders in place. So if we are indeed the most militant in the world it is the fault of We the People.

To much of MLK's speeches are converted into anti-war, excuse to blame everyone but ourselves, and various other escapism commentary rhetoric. I don't think Martin would be turning over in his grave because of Obama, as many claim. I think Dr. King would be turning over in his grave because of us.
If you actually read his speeches and watch the recordings of him giving them they aren't about all the political pandering that they are used for in this day and age. They were about responsibility. The responsibility of the government to take care of its people and the responsibility of the people to ensure that the government does just that. It is about empowering each and every person in the world to make a change for the positive and bearing the responsibility to do so.

I'm sorry but no, I cannot agree with just blaming one man for the woes of this country. I'm sorry but no, I can't agree with the citizens of this world refusing to take responsibility for their own actions. I'm sorry but no I cannot agree with the self serving bastardization of a great man's, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., words to achieve some political agenda. And most of all, I'm sorry but no, I cannot agree with We the People refusing to accept the power bestowed upon us not just by the Constitution of the United States but by every great leader this world has provided, and the responsibility of that power.

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