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The Big News: 42wd Publishing

What's going on with 42wd Publishing and how we're turning an answer we didn't expect into a positive thing.

Next Steps for 42wd Publishing


Founder of 42wd Publishing

This probably isn't going to be anything like a normal press releases - probably because we're not normal. Also, it may ramble because I'm trying to remember it all and get it all in - big changes.

So I guess we should start with the answer we didn't expect. In October I had the first round of investor meetings with Detroit Venture Partners. It went well, all the way up to the end. In the end we didn't get the money we had hoped for. We also didn't get the rejection we'd expected. Instead, what we did get was an opportunity as a company, an opportunity as me and a rejection of the publishing company.

Opportunity as a Company

Detroit Venture Partners [DVP] are very intrigued with our S3 System [the heart of our social strategy suite system we've been testing for the last year] and the core software that we had ready for demonstration. I know, you're asking why a publishing company is creating software. How else did you think that we could do the things we do? No one else does things the way we do so of course there isn't any software out there that does what we needed it to do. We also thought that if it works so well for us we'd create a version that people from minimal financial resources all the way to full blow enterprises could use. This, and another response from DVP prompted us to make a decision you'll see below.

Opportunity as Me

I was extended the opportunity to be considered to teach, for pay [nothing validates like being offered money to teach what you know], social strategies for a project that Detroit Venture Partners is sponsoring. [ I don't know if their ready to announce the project yet so I can't share the name as it was told in confidence - sorry, really wish I could because it's a really great idea. ] I still have to make it past the selection process but it's pretty affirming to be directly invited and not have to apply. When I complete the review process I will most definitely be accepting.

Rejection of a Publishing Company

Unfortunately Detroit Venture Partners declined the opportunity to invest in the publishing side of what we do. I understand why DVP declined, they primarily invest in pure tech companies, but I was still hoping to be able to get the money to get all of our projects running at once so we don't have to plod along. Never fear though, we will be getting all the money we need to get all the projects going at once.

Decisions Made

All of this, combined with some other factors prompted some serious consideration on how we wanted to proceed. As the old saying goes, it was time for us to lace up our boots and get marching or surrender. Well I'm not one to surrender.

So Here's What's Happening

The List

  • Putting together presentation on our year long social strategy suite system [ S3 System ]
  • Launching of our official business website
  • Launching of the pure technology side of 42wd Publishing a.k.a 42wd Technocracy
  • Continued prototyping of the S3 System for next stages of infestment
  • Putting together the core of the CCRC [ Creative Community Resource Center - nope, we haven't abandoned it ]
  • Getting some of our authors ready for publication and publishing by no later than mid summer
  • Developing a new distribution platform and money processing platform [ contingent on the needs of you guys and our creatives ]
  • Launching Ink Matters [working name] and Sex Toys and Pizza eZines

The Explenation

► We completed our year long study of our S3 System and will be getting the results out for publication as soon as possible. We're shooting for first of 2013 if not sooner - lots of data to compile and get in presentation form. Part of this will require input from you guys so we know what it is that you guys want to see in our results. We're very excited about the results of this experiment as it will explain a lot of things to the people who just simply don't understand, or want to accept, that things can be done differently.
► We'll be launching the official business website [ Shooting for first of 2013 if not sooner ( probably sooner ) Hope to be able to start up some of the less expensive smaller projects. ] Our goal here is to obviously make ourselves more palatable to investors; but, also to provide a launching platform for some of our smaller projects. We've got several onDemand types of services we're slowly getting put together. We've even started forming collaborative partnerships with other publishing houses, like Imancipation publishing services. We're working on getting some of the social marketing experts on board as well for dedicated onDemand services.

► We'll be launching a pure technology side of the company [ Shooting for no later than mid summer. ]. We'll be calling it 42wd Technocracy [ might change it depending on feed back ]. The purpose of doing this is two fold. The first is that if investors can't see the long term profitability and technological advancements we're developing then we don't want them having any part of the publishing company. We only want investors as passionate as we are to be involved with the publishing. The other reason we're launching a separate technology company is so we can more effectively divide up shares between investors and those who help us found our technology company. Note: Those who join both companies will hold shares in both companies - doesn't have to be one or the other.

► We're going to continue to develop the public prototype of core software, and then the add-on software, of the S3 System. Some of you know the core software as pre-Trender. This means we still need technological help, and of course money. Once we get this core prototype built we'll be able to start extending it into the full system. The great thing about it is that it's a multi-use system. You'll be able to either get just the pieces you need, the entire packages, or have a custom set up built for you.

► We haven't abandoned the CCRC, Creative Community Recourse Center. We're looking at possibly re-branding it though. One of the names that's been put on the table is RC3 [ Resources of the Creative Community Center ]. Whatever we end up calling it the project is still hugely important to us. We want to be able to provide a single point of access for all creativity resources on the web and make it free and community drive\supported.

► We've got some authors, like Andrew Head, that we believe will be ready to release their first offerings by mid-summer, maybe sooner. We'll be helping them move forward as quickly as is reasonable to help them get out there.

► They're both still in the research stage but we're still moving forward with our development of a new distribution platform for eBooks and money processing. Our goal with the eBook distribution platform is to provide an additional platform for Indie-Authors to distribute on that basically takes just enough of their sales to cover the costs of listing them and a smidge more to keep the platform growing and improving - as well as access to services that will help promote their sales. The other goal is to provide a location for direct sales of our authors so that they will get more of their earnings as well. The money processing platform is to provide a more reliable, clear statement of usage, alternative platform to PayPal. We all know of horror stories from that services. If this project will come to completion or not will depend a lot on just how much legal stuff we have to pay to be made aware of. Processing money isn't cheap but we're looking for a better way.

► We've got two eZines that we're working on. Ink Matters, the working title, will be dedicated to the actual helpful tips for new writers\authors, getting discovered, going it alone, independent book reviews, and generally catering to the non-big names. Sex Toys and Pizza is more of a shock jock style eZine. The purpose of it is to, whenever possible, get raw facts on a story segmented out from raw opinion. The writers for Sex Toys and Pizza will be required to identify any opinion piece they write as just that - if it's a fact piece with their opinion they'll have to identify the opinion part. The goal is to rip off the cloak of faux facts that are masking opinion pieces. We want it raw. Yes, we know some will be offended but hopefully more will be refreshed by the blatant honesty. The challenge with launching either of these is that no one wants to write for free or help us get the things launched and profitable. We'll figure it out though because we believe both are needed.

While the above isn't all that's going on they are the headliners. If anyone wants to help out in any way, money, time, suggestions, whatever is productive, feel free to click on either of the links below to get you to 42wd Publishing or to my, Doc Harvard, personal G+ account.

We hope this clears up some of the mysteries and lets you guys know just how busy we are working to get all of these wonderful projects up and going.

is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes, and our S3 [ social strategy suite ] software.
[ Us + You + Creativity = Success ]

is the Founder of 42wd Publishing and a Social Media Doctor. He uses his skills at doctoring up social media to help writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general to grow their presence and facilitate the creative, marketing, and sales of their work. When Doc Harvard isn't working on his own creative works you'll find him down in the trenches with other creatives working to improve opportunities and changing the way the publishing business works.

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