Monday, October 15, 2012

They Say: Thoughts from Doc Harvard Social Media Doctor

Who are They Anyway?


Founder of 42wd Publishing

They say a lot of things, most of it negative. I wonder why they never say anything positive? Negativity and cliches are what they all way give us. So why do we keep listening to they?

I used to listen to they because I thought they knew better. I then used to listen to they as an excuse for my failures, still do on occasion. Now, I do my very best to not listen to they. Now, I listen to Bob, Suzy, an expert I can track down \ communicate with. No more of the faceless they.

If they are holding you back, don't let they do it.

is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes, and our S3 [ social strategy suite ] software.
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is the Founder of 42wd Publishing and a Social Media Doctor. He uses his skills at doctoring up social media to help writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general to grow their presence and facilitate the creative, marketing, and sales of their work. When Doc Harvard isn't working on his own creative works you'll find him down in the trenches with other creatives working to improve opportunities and changing the way the publishing business works.

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