Monday, October 8, 2012

Not Enough Time: Thoughts from Doc Harvard, Social Media Doctor

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If It's Important You'll Make Time


Founder of 42wd Publishing

It's tough love time. The biggest single complaint I heard at WordCamp Detroit 2011 this last weekend was:
I don't have time.
Here's the thing, if it's important to you then you'll make time. You make time to eat. You make time to sleep. You make time to have sex. But you say Doc, these are all things we have to do. So what about all the things you make time for?

You don't have to have a fancy meal; vitamins, bread, water, and some sort of meat and vegetables is all you need to live on. Anything above that is you making time to satisfy your tastes.

You only need five, yes 5, hours of sleep to more than adequately function if you're not ill. The rest of that sleep time is what you've convinced yourself you need. I know some of you are going to argue that medical doctors say eight hours, even so, what's the excuse for all the rest of the sleep above 8 hours?

Do you have to get this extreme? No, but it does illustrate the point that you make time for those things that are important to you. If you're constantly saying you don't have time to work on your creative project, writing, painting, whatever, then you should really consider just how important it is to you.

Is your creativity a want or a need? I don't know about you but mine is a need and so I'll make time for it. Will you?


After some conversation over on Google+ it came to my attention that this post may be perceived as another one of those, in the words of Anthony DeaverJust make time for X posts. It's not. It's the opposite. It's about evaluating the importance of whatever the thing is that you say you don't have time for. If it's not important enough to make time for then stop stressing over\letting it bug you. If it is important enough then you will find time to do it.

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