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Making Time: Thoughts from Doc Harvard, Social Media Doctor

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Tips for Making Time for Those Important things.


Founder of 42wd Publishing

Yesterday I criticised those people who always use "I don't have time." for an excuse. I said that if it's important enough you'll make time. This sparked an intense conversation over on Google+. A couple of folks pointed out that it is unfair to judge everyone who says they don't have time as just using that expression as an excuse, and they are right; however, the point of if a thing is important enough to you then you'll make time for it somehow is still valid. So, in the spirit of helping those folks who really don't have time, and those who just use it as an excuse, I thought I'd share some of my techniques for making time.

The first thing I do when I'm overwhelmed is take a day and only do the things that I have to do and the rest of the time I do whatever relaxes me. After I get my mind cleared up I take a look at the things I want\need to do and divide them into three categories: Need, Want So Much I Need, Can Get to It Whenever.


Need is just that, something that really needs to be done and I have to find a way to do it no matter what. Things that fall into this sort of category is stuff like paying bills, going to work, getting gas for my vehicle, buying food, talking to relatives, relaxation time, and anything else that needs to happen for me to live a reasonably comfortable life within my means. Stuff in this category usually has a limited time for them to happen or some sort of negative consequences will immediately follow.

Want So Much I Need

These are the things that I want so much that I make them a need. Some examples are: founding 42wd Publishing and making it successful, playing the flute [ this used to be on the list below ], improving my life in ways that let me help improve the lives of other [ yes, helping people is really a want for me that is so strong it's a need ], finding miss perfect for me, not just losing weight but also toning up my body afterward.

Can Get to It Whenever

These are the things that are important to me but not enough for me to make any real effort to schedule time. Some examples are: learning japanese [ used to be in the list above until I realized it just wasn't that important to me right now ], finding a better place to own [ short on cash for that sort of thing but I keep it on the list to remind me to keep this goal in mind ], scouting property for 42wd Publishing to create its Science and Art Learning Center [ not enough investors for this yet but keeping it alive so I can learn things along the way ]

Not on the List

If it's not on the list, any of the above, then I don't worry about it. If whatever it is makes it onto one of the lists that's when I start giving it attention.

All of the above is just one way to make time that you didn't think you had. Is it the right way for you? Only you can decide that; but, if it's not look for methods that will help you. The seconds are all around you, just find the way to reclaim them.

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