Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Prepared: Thoughts from Doc Harvard

You worry, I worry, we all worry but we shouldn't. Instead, we should raise our awareness of what is going on, acknowledge what we cannot directly, or indirectly, impact, and plan.

Worrying Doesn't Help but Planning Does


Founder of 42wd Publishing

Here's the thing, we all worry; and, to a certain degree, worrying can be good for you. That being said, if you're like me, you sometimes find yourself worrying about things that you can do absolutely nothing about; or, you find yourself worrying too much about everything. I'm not going to say you shouldn't worry, that'd just be silly, but I am going to say that you need to worry about things in a more healthy way.

In this world of ours things can sneak up on us and if we worry about them we'll end up making them happen because we're looking for them to happen. Be aware of the possibility of your tire going flat and prepare for it by putting money away for it. Be aware that you could get sick and buy cold medicine when it's on sale and save money as well as being prepared.

How to Get Started

Start out with the little things.

  • Need to save money but are living pay check to pay check? Start out buy putting up $5 a pay check.
  • Food costs too high? Keep an eye open for sales on freezers and food storage units and use the accumulate $5 a pay check to buy them. Then buy the food when it is on sale in larger quantities.
  • Can't afford for your car to break down? Do the regular maintenance on it as if it were some form of religion. This will reduce wear on parts causing them to last longer.
    • Also, remember to put money away for when the car does break down.
  • Can't afford to miss work because you get sick? Spend the money on the vitamins, eat better because you're buying your food cheaper in larger quantities, and take the money your saving in gas and car repairs to buy medication in advance for when you start getting sick.
Notice how these start building off of each other? Start with whatever the smallest thing is that you can build on. This is what is going to give you that sense of accomplishment and start building your confidence that tells you that you can be prepared instead of needlessly worrying.

Do Not, do not attempt to start out on the large scale because you won't suceed and you'll get worried about failing because you started to large.

Once you get in the habit of planning and being prepared then you'll be able to stop worrying about things that you can do nothing about and be able to worry in a healthy way.

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