Monday, October 1, 2012

Doc Harvard Thoughts: Social Trolls

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Squashing the Social Trolls


Founder of 42wd Publishing

Over the weekend I got paid a visit by the trolls for a share on Google+ chastising people who barrowed without permision other people's works. It gave me a realization I hadn't before had: trolls are social too.

That's right, the trolls have their own social higherarchy as well. One troll sniffs out a potential victim and then goes after him\her, seperating them from the herd. If they can they try to get the person to respond opening up even more opportunities for trolling. If this fails they call in their troll tribe [ trolls seem to live in tribes instead of being the loners once thought ] in the hopes that together they can open up opportunities for further trolling. Eventually, if left to their own devices, the troll tribe grows board and wonders off.

This is when you should do your troll hunting. Usually a troll will continue to raise the stakes trying to provoke you, to the point of hate speech, and this is a good thing for you. Once they've done this you now have the opportunity to report them and get them banned from whatever social environment you're in. After all, cyber bullying is extremely frowned on these days.

Also, don't let them get to you. The trolls thrive on your angst and anquish. Feed a troll and it'll keep coming back.

If you're an Indie-Author, Indie-Artisist, or just  the creative type remember that the trolls are meaningless. They aren't your market and couldn't appriciate the second coming of the Jesus in Toast.

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