Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doc Harvard Thoughts: Constructive Critic

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Appreciating Constructive Critics


Founder of 42wd Publishing

You may remember from my last post I was talking about trolls. Today I want to flip the coin from those people deliberately trying to flame you and those people who are assuming the role of constructive critic. It's few and far between when you run across a person that can completely disagree with you civilly, and even explain why they disagree with you. Hold on to these people.

That's right, I said hold on to the person that disagrees with you. The reason is that if you surround yourself with yes men then you will never be challenged and forced to think about what you are doing. It's a constructive critic that will help you became more than you are because once you've improved they'll be the first ones to tell you that you've improved.

Leave the trolls to troll but find the constructive critic. Hug them, squeeze them, and call them George [ or whatever they prefered to be called ] because they will be the people who will be honest with you and help you to be a better you.

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