Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Supporting Cast

As Important as the Main Character

by Andrew Head

Greetings folks, Andrew Head here again. Today I am going to talk about the Supporting cast.

The supporting cast is as important to a Novel or movie, or TV show as the Main character. Without them, the main character has no one to work for, no one to fall in love with, or even no one to fight. The supporting cast are the people who make your main character what he or she is. They are the ones that are there for the journey that your main character takes as he or she travels down the path you as the author have written.

Take my novel for example, the one I am currently working on. The main character as I have said before has a long hard journey ahead of him as he goes from a boy thrown into a fight to save humanity, to the hardened veteran who finds out that he is more than he ever expected. Along his journey he has his two partner, one an angel of amazing kindness and beauty, and the other, a demoness of alluring temptation and fiery passion. He also has a star ship full of assorted angels, demons, and other beings who are all there to help him along the way. They arn't always kind, but they will always make things interesting. Without these people, my character would be less of a hero than he is. After all how great of a hero would Superman be without Lois Lane, and would it really make sense for Bruce Wayne to make his own bed, or to get his own breakfast. Who would he get advice from? Alfred was as much a part of what made Bruce Wayne into his Dark Knight ego as anyone else in the series.

Stay tuned for my next week's blog.

Anyways, that all for now. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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