Monday, August 20, 2012


It was kind of a Letdown this year

by Andrew Head

Greetings folks, Andrew Head here again. Today I am going to talk about GENCON Indy, and my trip to it this year. I had a hard decision to make in writing this, and that was be honest, or try to make gencon look better than it actually was. So, where do I start, do I go with the bad, or do I go with the good. I decided to go with the bad, and let the good bring up the rear to show it wasn't totally crappy.
My GENCON troubles started with me trying to buy events back in May to play in. This I couldnt do because what I and my Bosses didn't know was that GENCON had given me a second account, one that I couldn't see. It then took them almost 2 months to figure out their mistake and merge the unseeable account wich had my badge with my actual account wich I could see. By then it was too late and all the good stuff was taken. I was able to sign up for 2 games though. One was a STartship Bridge simulator called Artemis, and the other was a game called NSDM. Now, on to GENCON proper.
First off, there was no swag bag this year. I felt really cheaped out. All anyone got was the program book and a small cupon book in wich the most interesting things were every Palladium Robotech book was 50% off, and a Free GENCON 2012 D6 cupon.
Now, lets talk about the Program book.... My Demo's wernt in it, despite me and my boss being sent an email months ago (Before the Program book was supposed to be printed) saying that they were. This meant that no one knew about my Demos, so my first demo was completely EMPTY. My Boss and I only found out about the omission after this point when we looked in the book itself. Luckily some well and quickly placed fliers around our booth made sure that both my demos the next day went smashingly, and had full tables of players.
The NSDM game was a political simulation that puts players in the positions of power in one or more governments. There they make the day to day decisions as real world events happen around them. The game is very unforgiving, and if you are a new player, expect to get thrown under the proverbial bus by the more expirenced players. I myself did not have much fun, but maybe that kind of game is your thing.
The good news is that I was able to buy a TON of stuff for games, and the Dealers hall was packed and offered great things as usual, so that was no letdown. The Artemis game WAS AMAZING. Artemis is a starship bridge simulator where you and five other people play the crew ofa starship and carry out variouse missions while avoiding space monsters, Blck holes, asteroids, and minefields. Each crewmember has their own console, and the five consoles are Helm, Comms, Engineering, Science, and Tactical. Now, I know what you are saying... whats the sixth guy get?! well, he's the capitain, and stands, or sits behind the others giving orders and keeping track of everything else. I also picked up an amazing Board game called level 7. In level 7, you are one of four humans who have been abducted and taken to a screte facility. The basic premis is escape, Escape from the aliens, and guards. I know it sounds easy, but theres a catch. The aliens can sense your fear, and the guards consider you a threat. Learn how to manage both, and you might just make it out alive.
It wasn't a total crash, but over all, I was let down by this years GENCON.
Stay tuned for my next week's blog.

Anyways, that all for now. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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