Sunday, July 22, 2012

The New Kid on the Block

Just Who the Heck Am I?!

by Andrew Head

Greetings folks, Some of you may know me, but I bet that most of you don't. Since this is my first Blog post here as part of the *42wd* Family, I think its best I introduce myself and say a few things.

As my blurb below say, I am a 29 year old college student. Yes, I know that's old to still be in college. Al I will say is I messed up the first few years of my young adult life while getting my welding degree, and afterwards I realized it wasn't what I wanted. Only recently did I finally realize that I needed to do something, or I would become nothing. The good news is I am now on the right track, and things have been going amazingly well.

I'm a geek, I love Comics and Novels. Reading is a favorite thing of mine to do. My next favorite activity is Video/Board/Miniature/Roleplaying Games with my friends. In fact, any activity with my friends I love to do... except sports. I'm not a big sports fan. I don't watch baseball, I could care less about basketball, and the only reason I watch football is to spend time with my father. That being said, I love roughhousing with my friends, and I enjoy paintball.

As far as my writing goes, I wasn't expecting to be picked up by 42wd Publishing but now that I have been, its an exciting step in my life, and one that I hope bring much fruition for both parties. As time goes on I will be bringing you all little blurbs and bits of my work because truth be told, I enjoy teasing everyone.

Anyways, that all for now. I'll catch you on the flip side.

42wd Publishing is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes. [ Us + You + Creativity = Success ]

Andrew Head Andrew Head is a 29 year old Purdue College student who is currently going for a Graphics and Animation Degree for Video Game Design. In addition to this degree, he also has a degree in Industrial Maintenance with a specialty in Welding, is a Black Belt Martial Artist, and is a Cancer survivor. Andrew draws on these life experiences to add depth to his characters, nuances to his scenes, and a richness to plot lines that can only be gained through life experiences. Andrew's ability to convert real life into fiction is one of the reason *42wd Publishing* brought him into the family of creatives.

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