Thursday, July 19, 2012

According to Doc Harvard - Social Media Doctor

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Founder of 42wd Publishing

As things heat up around 42wd Publishing I'm finding less and less time to do long form blog posts. I still feel that I have an obligation to keep my readers informed about what is going on with 42wd Publishing and to provide quality content, so I'm stuck. I believe the answer to this time challenge is to provide short free from blog posts to keep things moving along and when I have the time write the long form blog posts; plus, I'm working on encouraging guest bloggers to share more. These short form blog posts are going to all be titled According to Doc Harvard - Social Media Doctor with a subheading describing the posts. The ideal is that this will help you identify the short form posts for quick reading from the long form post while giving you some idea of what the post is about. Here's hoping it works!

The first bit of news for this post is that I've purchased a significant amount of hosting space for 42wd Publishing as well as two URLs we've had our eyes on. This space will be used to launch our official business site, blog areas for 42wd Publishing and its Creatives, the CRC [ creative resource center ], microcommunities that we are\will be sponsoring, the comic community we're developing, for our software as a service social software preTrender, and a slew full of other projects we've got in the pipelines.

The next bit of news is that we're improving our SEO model that is based off of the data model that we used for the design\development of preTrender. We'll be using this blog as a testing ground to see how well it works. If it works well we'll be incorporating it into the functionality of preTrender.

If you missed the announcement over on Google+ we have signed an aspiring author by the name of Andrew Head. When his work is ready for publication I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.

We've also added two more members to our team on a trial basis to help us flesh out some ideas for experiments\projects we're working on.

Lot's of exciting things in the works. Be sure to check in here or our G+ brand page for the latest.

is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes.
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is the Founder of 42wd Publishing and a Social Media Doctor. He uses his skills at doctoring up social media to help writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general to grow their presence and facilitate the creative, marketing, and sales of their work. When Doc Harvard isn't working on his own creative works you'll find him down in the trenches with other creatives working to improve opportunities and changing the way the publishing business works.

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