Wednesday, July 25, 2012

According to Doc Harvard SMD - Social Media Doctor

Challenging Technology


Founder of 42wd Publishing

It can sometimes be difficult to get technology to do what you want it to do. I and Darnell McMurian, CTO of 42wd Publishing, run into a few challenges yesterday, , while setting up the core technology that will be powering a good chunk of 42wd's online presence. Despite hours of effort the core set up just wouldn't behave the way it was expect to behave. We took a break and decided to start from scratch. The irony, we did exactly the same things we did before and it all worked exactly the way it should. I guess the technology just decided to throw a fit.

What does this mean now? Now that we have the core technology in place we can start working on the add-on parts. We'll be focusing on the business core site, the CCRC [ Creative Community Resource Center ], and our blogs section. Once we get these parts set up we'll layout more traditional business info [ to include official submission guidelines ], work with Literary+ to set up their home site in the CCRC and get them set up to start adding their content to the CCRC [ once we work out all the bugs with them we'll start opening up the CCRC to other microcommunities ], and we'll migrate this blog over to our blog and set up some more content specific blogs.

We're picking up speed.

is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes.
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is the Founder of 42wd Publishing and a Social Media Doctor. He uses his skills at doctoring up social media to help writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general to grow their presence and facilitate the creative, marketing, and sales of their work. When Doc Harvard isn't working on his own creative works you'll find him down in the trenches with other creatives working to improve opportunities and changing the way the publishing business works.

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