Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Social Marketing is What You Make of It

People Don't Want to be Talked At, They Want to be Talked To

by Doc Harvard Social Media Doctor
Founder of 42wd Publishing

You've set up accounts on all the social networks and platforms you think are relevant. You've been copying stuff from your site and your blogs and re-posting it on your social accounts. You've gotten some people to circle, friend, follow, whatever you on these social places but not many. So you run some contest, do some give aways, and now you have a ton of people; but, you wonder why no one is talking about you.

The answer is simple. No one cares about you. It's a hard fact to accept but it's true. If all you're doing is re-posting your blog content and site content and doing member drives you're not really giving them a reason to care about you. Social is just that, social. People aren't going to talk about you, at least in a good way, unless you are talking to them.

What You're Forgetting or May Not Know About Social:

  1. Talking at people [ a.k.a. just re-posting your blog and cite content or making announcements ] is bad
  2. Not expressing YOUR opinions is bad [ stay away from the prepackaged stuff ]
  3. Not giving people an opportunity to talk to you is bad
  4. Social isn't just about your social accounts
  5. Word of mouth doesn't happen over night
  6. If you've got 20,000 followers and only 6 of them are talking about you then you only have 6 people talking about you
  7. A large number of followers is just potential
  8. You have to actually do something with the potential that having a large number of followers grants you
  9. Quality over quantity will generate more value
  10. Your sites, blogs, emails, social presences, phone calls, and real human [ as in flesh and blood ] interaction are all part of social
Think of it like this, when you're having a conversation are you more interested in people who give you a chance to talk, encourage you to talk, and interact with you or are you more interested in people who just talk and appear to be just waiting for their chance to talk again without ever actually hearing what you have to say?

Me personally, I go to seminars to hear people talk at me not log onto social networks and platforms.

Be Your Own Example

As of the writing of this blog entry 42wd Publishing has 6,000+ people who have us circled on Google+.  Admittedly these aren't impressive numbers by the normal KPI [ Key Performance Indicators ] currently in use to measure the successful ROI [ Return On Investment ] of social initiatives, except that it is.

The difference? Every single person that has us circled on Google+ has interacted with us either through our brand page there or through one of our team members. We don't count the potential. We count the real. Do we get everyone of them to interact with us every time? Not a chance, and we aren't trying to accomplish that. Instead, we work on creating content through our blog, through our team members and through our brand page on Google+.

Because we create content that appeals to some set of these six thousand people they are going to talk about us and to us. People want to know what we think because we don't offer up prepackaged responses or posts.

Because we create content in different formats that allow people to consume it in the way they most prefer people naturally migrate to our other social offerings. We make it as easy as we can for them to do so.

We also regularly talk to people through video chat as well as live and in person.

Do the Numbers Matter?

This one is quick, yes and no.

Yes they matter in the fact that each person you secure from the social content and interaction you create is an opportunity to create an evangelist for your product, services and or company.

No they don't matter because there's no hard way, unless the customer actually tells you they found you through your social presence, to actually track the migration of a potential client through the social funnel. This shouldn't matter though.

Many marketers will tell you that I'm nuts for saying it doesn't matter but it really doesn't. What matters is that you, your products, your service, your brand is in the mind of the person who interacts with you. If you've secured a place of importance in the person's mind they will talk about you. The more they talk about you the more people that will find you in the social sphere. Which translates into more people talking about you if you're doing it right.

Why People Talking About You Matters

Companies spend huge amounts of marketing dollars on word of mouth campaigns. I know because in the past I've been a judge for the WOMMA's and seen the complexity and money spent just to get people talking about a particular brand. Guess what, save yourself some time and money and just do social the right way. Don't think of it as a static dump of information, think of it as another real communication device - like a telephone, letter, email or having a real conversation.

If you do social right I promise you that the ROI for your hard dollars will begin to increase because your brand trust and knowledge will increase. After all, when you buy something don't you ask your friends first? And I'm willing to bet that better than half the time their input influences your purchase.

Remember, social is for the long haul. If you want a quick, but expensive, boost to the bottom line try running a TV add.

42wd Publishing is a community sourced publishing / ePublishing company that puts creators in direct contact with their consumers. Its goal is to provide opportunities to writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general that otherwise would not be available to them. 42wd Publishing does this through creative mentoring, collaborative partnerships, marketing and software designed to facilitate the creative, marketing and sales processes. [ Us + You + Creativity = Success ]

Doc Harvard is the founder of 42wd Publishing and a social media doctor. He uses his skills at doctoring up social media to help writers, authors, poets, artist, comic artist and creatives in general to grow their presence and facilitate the creative, marketing and sales of their work. When Doc Harvard isn't working on his own creative works you'll find him down in the trenches with other creatives working to improve opportunities and changing the way the publishing business works.

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