Monday, February 6, 2012

Juggling Changes

Birth of a New World, Again

by Carrie K Sorensen

Baby at computer with woman under computer desk
Life is a juggling act. Life with kids is a juggling act you really should have 3 or 4 or more hands for, yet nature has left us with two. I've discovered that, sometimes, it's better to gently set some of those balls down so your entire act isn't crashing to the floor between one moment and the next. Some of those balls can be added back later, some are forgotten as priorities shift or become more clear.

I wrote last week about needing to be in the zone to write, and trying to struggle around my distractions. I had no clue, which is generally the case when you add a child into the mix.

My second son has yet to be born, but he is to be born within a week. It's amazing how little everything else matters until the baby clothes are washed and put away, bottles are sanitized, diapers are stacked and the crib is set up sans the bumper pad as per new, professional recommendations and all the other little things you're lucky enough to remember if you've already had a first.

Pages read this week = 0
Writing done this week = somewhere around 1500 words, spread across a few projects.
Some minor editing thrown into the mix.
Baby prep gone from close to zero to close to done.

Where I'm planning on taking time off in many parts of my life - probably reading, caring for my sister's children, blogging, house-wifery (we have family help, thank goodness) - I do not plan on stopping writing. In fact, due to said family help, I'm really hoping to have a bit more time to 'zone' into my rewrite and get some traction going.

It would be nice to try and hammer out a schedule in those weeks, taking into consideration the newborn's schedule, but let's be honest. Newborn's schedule will change daily for the first few weeks (we do not have a name yet - we chose when we meet him), I will have to adapt, and trying to nail down a schedule so early will only drive me crazy.

I will be writing, though, I'm determined. I will not let this great opportunity pass me by, the opportunity of having my mother and father-in-law for 3 weeks, my husband for seven and possibly a visit from a friend after my in-laws have had to go home. That is a ridiculous amount of free, eager child care I intend to take full advantage of around the new baby's schedule.

The challenge at this point, I think, will be managing to stay awake enough to truly take advantage of this plan of mine. At this point I can't help but thinking about best laid plans going astray and I'm hoping my juggling skills are enough.

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