Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Imagery Inspiration - Issue 1

Winter Inspiration

by Doc Harvard

Over on the 42wd Publishing brand page on Google+ we're starting to search out images that are inspiring. The purpose of this is to create a source of images that creatives can use to inspire their writing, their painting, comics, poetry, whatever the medium may be.

This is part of our effort to launch the CRC [ creative resource center ]. We think you're going to love the CRC.

Now to be inspired!

Crystalline Stalking

From Anthony Deaver on Google+
The frost flecked crystalline across the glass. Fissures of dust and traveled debris etching their webbed paths. Below the frozen painting I hide watching her, thinking about her as cold and fractured as the frost before me.


From Masatoshi Sato on Google+
She lay huddled in the deathly silence concealed by snow powdered bushes. Would they find her? Her breath set cadence to her lipped prayers. What had she done. Slowly death circled above her. Why were they coming for her? Frozen claws tore at her as she sprang from her hiding spot.

To Grandma's House

From Mark Wooten on Google+
The wolves had been bad. They had attacked the tribe in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There had been reports of other attacks and now my parents were sending me to visit my mother in Russia. They really were sending me to Siberia.

I watched as the as the snow covered road rails counted out the mileage. Slowly I fell prey to road hypnosis, until -

At first I registered it as a flickering of shadow between the trees melding with the rock lined road. Wisps of snow floated up from the ground and then they were there. They stopped slinking through the shadows and ran boldly along side. The wolves sprang showering snow into a veil of concealment.

Remember, just because an image looks one way doesn't meant that elements of it cant be used to inspire you.

Please note that the text is copyrighted to the writer of the blog, unless otherwise noted, and is for demonstration and inspiration purpose. This public posting is not consent of allowance of use in other works.

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