Monday, January 30, 2012

Yes Ellen Archer There is a Difference Between Books and eBooks

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by Doc Harvard

Some of you may remember me writing a quick little article last week about Ellen Archer wondering if there was a difference between books and eBooks. [ Are eBooks Different from Books? ] Well it seems HarperCollins knows the difference between books and eBooks.

HarperCollins will be releasing [ may be released by now ] an enhanced eBook for The Game of Thrones. According to the article below it will cost £6.99 [ approx. $10.99 U.S. ]. Believe it or not, I don't have anything negative to say about the pricing or the concept, we'll see about the implementation when I can get a copy of it.

The main reason I don't have a complaint about the price is all the added features that the enhanced eBook of The Game of Thrones will have. This enhanced version of the eBook will features an interactive map tracking the locations of characters throughout the novel, plus two new maps with detailed renderings of the novel's capital city King's Landing and giant wall defence, The Wall. There is also a hyperlinked glossary allowing readers to look up character details and family lineage, and audio clips with actor Roy Dotrice reading.

I don't know about you but I think $10.99 U.S. is a good price for all of that. In my view of things this enhanced eBook is like the old hardbacks of the Lord of the Rings and Dune. While not interactive, in the digital sense, they had nice binding, detailed maps and even color concept art. In my opinion a higher price point is fine for a value added piece of work; which is what this enhanced version of The Game of Thrones eBook looks to be.

I forget where I read it, it's been so long ago, but there was an article that came out when eBooks were first hitting the scene that made a prediction that authors would have to team up with, or learn to do it themselves, with other creatives as people began to demand more and more out of eBooks. It seems those days are here.

Are you going to continue writing un-enhanced eBooks or are you going to start thinking about ways you can improve your eBooks to make them more interactive?

SourceHC enhances Game of Thrones

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