Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knowing the Business of Writing

42wd Publishing Sometimes Daily News

by Doc Harvard

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Eight years, that's what it took me to learn everything I believe I needed to found 42wd Publishing, eight years. I worked in marketing, tried to get published by the Big 6, was published in Germany by a few poetry magazine, co-owned an online professional gamers' ezine, stalked editors and agents, talked to other business owners and generally harvested every drop of information I could to give 42wd Publishing LLC as great an opportunity to get up and running as quick as possible. I wish this Entrepreneurship course existed then.

I'v talked to more than a few Indie-Authors and authors that want to join the Big 6 ranks and they just don't know their business. You may not own a publishing company, you may not care about which technologies are going to be used to make your book, and you may think your only job is to write printable piece of work. You're wrong.

The reason that your wrong is if you have a book that you want to get printed you are your agent, publishing company, editors, marketer and so forth. Doesn't matter if you're an Indie-Author or the Big 6's next big gravy train, you've got to be seen and one of the best ways of being seen is knowing how the business works so that you know how to get seen.

Look at it this way, you get super lucky and an agent picks you up and gets you seen by one of the Big 6 and they want to get you signed and get your book in front of an editor to get you on the shelves as soon as possible. How do you know you're getting a good deal? If you don't know your business how will you know if you're getting a good deal or not?

It's taken me 8 years of hand shakes, dinners and lunches, emails, letters, travel and all those wonderful experiences to learn the business, and I'm still learning. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to compress all of that down? And for the nay sayers who point out that this is for journalism entrepreneurship, basic skills are basic skills. If you can hammer a nail you can tenderize meat even though the two belong in different professions.

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Source: American University to Offer Master's in News Entrepreneurship

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