Monday, January 30, 2012

In The Zone

The Writing Zone

by Carrie K Sorensen

Basement Corridor
In a way, I'm a horrible writer. Don't get me wrong. My content is great (coming from my unbiased self), the trouble is getting to it. What has made me come to this conclusion is that I'm realizing I cannot write with distractions. I'm not talking about the Internet, social networks, or those random TV shows I'm addicted to for some strange reason. I'm talking about my 3 dogs, 2 year old son (plus soon to be second son), and husband.

To write, to really be able to just sit down and let the words flow, I need to be in my zone. As I put it to my husband, I need to not be in reality. I need to be able to channel my characters, to see with their eyes, to feel with their emotions. That becomes difficult each time the real world butts in. Soon, I'm knocked out of the zone and that's it - end game.

This is not, as you might imagine, the most productive way to write. I find if my mind isn't completely focused, I can still work on my writing, only in more of an editing role. Sometimes this review gets me back in the mood to write. Sometimes the right song can sling me into my character's space. Sometimes, taking the dogs out again, filling the snack cup for the third time, or listening to my husband's off key lovely singing is enough to shut me down for the day, even for editing.

I'm honestly not sure how to work around this. Perseverance, I suppose, is the best answer. To keep trying to write around and through the distractions. I would have to accept the writing might be crap at first until I learn to deal with a disruptive environment. That, or make myself an office and get a padlock on the door (which, of course, the State might look down on as I let the two year old run around with only dogs as babysitters).

I'm thinking part time day care might help, too.

So how do you work through and around distractions? Or do you simply find the time (where?) to shut the door on all of that so you can get into your own zone?


  1. If writing is your business, then you just have to make, not find, the time to do it. Part-time day care would definitely help.

  2. Making time definitely used to be easier. Since I became a Mom, it has been a lost art. It's definitely something I should find a way to manage, that is certain. Thanks, Dan. :)