Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Community Sourcing a Publishing Company

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by Doc Harvard 

When I tell people that 42wd Publishing is a community sourced publishing company I usually get one of two reactions. The usual is a blank look followed by What does that mean?; blank look is optional. The other much more interesting response I get is that of the following, That won't work. You're insane.

As my dearly departed great granny used to say, Boy, you tetched in the head. What she never did say was, That won't work. Like so many of her time my great granny always believed it was the folks that were tetched in the head that built the great things of this world. Another favorite saying of hers was It's the tetched folk that knows what's best for us normal folk. We're too busy being normal to know what's good for us.

So I'll agree with the folks, and my great granny, that say I'm insane [ tetched ]; but, I'm not alone.

You may remember my commentary about the Big 6 starting to troll Indie-Author's efforts into self publishing. [ YOUR EBOOK IS YOUR RESUME ]. Now Ladies Home Journal is diving into crowdsourcing. So the question is changing from if I'm insane for thinking that crowdsourcing / community sourcing will work or are you insane for thinking it won't work.

Companies collectively spend billions, probably trillions, in research and development of products and services trying to guess what consumers want, sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don't. 42wd Publishing spends nothing on it. Instead, we come right out and ask you what you want. We combine it with input from others. We create a product / service as an experiment. If it goes well we move it into project mode. Remember the Active Writer Circle I started a while back on Google+, well thanks to the community's input we're moving it out of experiment stage and into project stage.

The crowd sourcing / community sourcing mentality, methodology, common sense, whatever you want to call it saves 42wd Publishing tons of money. Money that we can spend on more important things, like actually creating what the community says it wants. It also builds much stronger relationships, partnerships between the 42wd Publishing and the creatives we represent, and so many other things that would not exist if we were not heavily involved in the community and the community heavily involved with us.

So think about it, how can you come to the crossroads and join the Doc Side by embracing crowd sourcing and or community sourcing?

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SourceLadies' Home Journal Ventures Into Bold Crowdsourcing Experiment

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