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Are eBooks Different from Books?

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by Doc Harvard

Ellen Archer
At a panel today at the Digital Book World conference in New York, Ellen Archer, president of Hyperion, raised a good question. “Why do we call them eBooks anyway?” she asked. “Do we read emagazines? They’re books.”
To answer your question Ellen, yes, yes we do read eMagazines. In fact, they're called ezines. Having worked with HGTV, DIY, and FoodNetwork, who's parent company puts out several magazines and having been co-owner of a professional gamers' ezine [ eMagazine ] I can tell you that there is a significant difference between a magazine and an ezine; just like there is a difference between a book and an eBook.

In the article below they try to compare a paperback, hardback and an eBook. Even though paperbacks and hardbacks aren't exactly the same they are made the same, they are written the same, and they are both tactile.

I worked at a print company for a bit. I wanted to know how the actual physical printing worked. I did indeed work at a print company just for the experience. I do things like that when it comes to things I'm passionate about; but, I digress.

I really hope that Ellen Archer was misquoted for the article because one would hope that the president of a major publisher like Hyperion would understand the significant difference between a book and an eBook.

Traditional printing hasn't evolved much over the years. True, the methods for traditional printing have changed and, arguably, improved but the end product just isn't evolving. ePrinting, or eBooks, not only have rapidly evolved in the way they are created but the sales model is evolving and the ability of the reader to actually interact with the story have been / are being created.

For example, Graphicly is making available a method for self published comic artist to distribute their comics into the eBook market. A year ago putting that level of imagery into an eBook was a complicated process, if it could be done at all. [ Source: How Graphicly is paving the way for self-published digital comic books ]

In July of 2010 New York Times released an article on how some of the Big Six were including video in eBooks. [ Source: E-Books Fly Beyond Mere Text ]

I really do hope that Ellen Archer was misquoted in the below article; but in case she wasn't, there is a huge difference between books and eBooks.

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Source: Should eBooks Be Distinguished From Books?

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