Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Your eBook is Your Resume

by Doc Harvard

I have to say I'm a bit miffed at how old school publishers are using Indie-Authors. I'm happy for any author that can nail down a great deal but I have to ask why standard publishers are starting to sign authors they once rejected? I have to ask why should the Indie-Author be the one to take the risk while the standard publishers reap the reward? And, by now, you're probably asking what I'm talking about.

Apparently there's a trend that is still in its infancy but is growing. Old school publishers are trolling Indie-Author markets looking to secure them into a contract. I won't deny that from a business stand point that this isn't a good idea; but, from a human stand point I think this is pretty low.

My point of view on it, thinking as an author, is if I wasn't good enough for you then why should I care about you now? Why should I let you profit off of all the hard work I did to build up my readership, the money I spent to get myself out there, and everything else to make myself a successful Indie-Author?

What I want to know is why these standard publishing companies that now see value in these Indie-Authors didn't take the time to nurture the author? That's what 42wd Publishing LLC does. An author comes to us, we look at their manuscript, we evaluate them, we give them recommendations and then put the ball back in their court to let them decide if they want to take advantage of what we have to offer or they think they can go it alone or use a different company.

So while I wouldn't blame any author for signing a big deal I do recommend that you make sure that the big publishers aren't getting all your hard work for free. old school publishers are going to profit from your efforts so you should too.

Source: Self-Published Authors Still Rarely Make the Jump to Publishing Houses

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