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Isn't This Just Common Sense


Tombstone with the words The Web is Dead on it
I don't plan on doing a year in review, I don't plan on doing a 2012 prediction, and I hadn't planned on reading any of them either but this particular one caught my eye with its Why the Web Is Not Dead... title. I wasn't aware the web was dead, had died, or was even sick. Last I look, about 30 seconds ago, the damn thing was growing like kudzu on growth hormones. So of course I had to read it.

The commentary is about several topics, which you should find interesting, but the one I want to talk about is part where old guard publishers are starting to see that the web is a revenue source. No duh Sherlock. The folks who have me an 42wd Publishing LLC circled all know I've been preaching this for a while now. My friends have started offering me cake, no lie, to shut my mouth as soon as I start gearing up for my sermon about publishing evolution. To me, 42wd Publishing, and many other Indie-Authors, Indie-Publishers and those publishers still small enough to be able to use common sense this does seem nothing more than common sense.

In December 2009 CNET says that the average web user in the U.S. spends 13 hours a week on the web. That's three years ago. I'm willing to bet that time spent has grown.

Google says that as of Dec 2010 there are 6.8405 billion people on the planet.

13hrs x 6.8405 billion people is, well a whole hell of a lot of hours to try to get the attention of people that are on the web.

Of course every single person in the world isn't on the web and every single person that is on the web isn't looking for, or cares about, your product or service. So let's just drop that 13hrs average down to 1 minute. One minute is plenty of time to grab someone's attention and either get them interested or move them on. That's still 6.8405 billion minutes or 114 million [ rounded down ] hrs or 4.76 million [ rounded up ] days or 679 thousand [ rounded down ] weeks or 13 thousand [ rounded down ] years of available time during just one year of your life to grab the attention of potential clients.

Even if my math is wrong by a few hundred years the web is where it's at.

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Source: 2012: Why the Web Is Not Dead and Other Flashpoints

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