Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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██ We're All Journalist ►

by Doc Harvard 

I've been an eJournalist [ online journalist ] in the past so the below article got my attention. Open Journalism? Sounds like a good idea but other than journalist type folks how does this impact bloggers, novelist, and content creators in general? It was nagging at me and then it dawned on me, because we're all journalist in this day and age; to some degree or the other.

I'll give you an example, I have every developing author that we are helping get ready to publish and or developing their writing style contribute to the 42wd Publishing blog. Why? Because it let's me see what they are capable of when writing. It also creates more content for the author to be recognized by. Plus, it helps them grow in their community and be recognized by potential buyers of their book.

How does contributing to a blog make them journalist? Because they have to curate information. To put it in simplest terms, journalist curate information and provide it to the readers. The up and coming authors that contribute to the 42wd Publishing blog have to curate the information they share. If they don't know how I teach them.

Not all bloggers are journalist, as some use them for diaries and other such things, but those bloggers that are creating content with the intent to share must be journalist, of a sort. So to that note I recommend reading the below article to get an idea of what Open Journalism is and stopping by the 42wd Publishing blog to see how our up and coming authors are being journalist.

Yet the values and emerging practices I call open journalism stand apart from the polarizing intramural debate on whether quality journalism in the future will come from institutions, information networks or individuals. (Answer: yes.) This intermittent fight, which broke out again following a recent Dean Starkman piece in CJR, forces people into corners. After a recent USC Annenberg event at the National Press Club where I gave a talk on this paper, a young journalism academic told me he hadn't read "The Case for Open Journalism Now" but added, "I'm probably against it -- the whole thing."

Source: The 5 Tenets of Open Journalism

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