Friday, December 2, 2011

This Week in 42wd Publishing - December 2, 2011

Community Sourcing Publishing and ePublishing - What were doing this week.

by Doc Harvard

  • We've decided to enhance our weekly publication of what's going on in the world of 42wd Publishing LLC by giving it a title and including stuff from the blog as well as business stuff.
  • We've also decided to start throwing some extra spiffy wow on things and seeing what Google+ will allow us to use when it comes to text.
  • We now have a dedicated phone number for the company in case anyone decides they want to call us. We went ahead and put it up but if you call you'll probably get the pre-generated voice mail if we can't pick it up right now. We're trying to come up with a spiffy voice mail greeting so if you have any suggestions be sure to leave them in the comment. The Primary purpose is for the number is for us to be able to call folks that need us to talk to them and for people who feel they need to leave us voice information. Our primary engagement will remain Google+ because this is where you guys are.
  • Our meeting with Kristoffer Sorensen at Google didn't go off as planned because he had a Noah's Ark type situation going on. He was more than appologectic and well be setting up a new time this coming week as soon as our schedules mesh. Also, we'd like to send our best wishes to him, his family and his house as they work through the flooding challenges.
  • Doc Harvard has shared that he will be starting the revamp of the novel that started it all and will be publishing it through +42wd Publishing LLC. He will also be blogging about it on the 42wd Publishing blog, found below. What he plans to blog about is the differences between going through the standard publishing grinder and through the methods that 42wd uses. In other words, he's going to be doing a proof is in the pudding type of thing showing that our methods work and work well. What he would like to know is if there's anything specific folks would like to know about the experience so he can make it a point to cover those topics. Leave suggestions below.
  • Doc Harvard has also written a blog about how the publishing industry is lying about the doom and gloom. The doom and gloom doesn't come from people not reading, it comes from standard publishing not adapting and being willing to actively embrace the opportunities that epublishing has to offer. A Lie About Publishing Doom and Gloom
  • +Carrie K Sorensen shared a blog this week about an experiement that Doc Harvard is having her do, read a book she doesn't like and right down why she didn't like it. Be sure to go read it. Not A Book Review
  • Stephanie Reeves, creator and artist for Bad Artist is working on a holiday episode. Wonder what her wonderfully twisted mind is going to come up with this time?
  • Donnelle Wheeler is looking at putting together a series for the 42wd Publishing blog on the challenges she faces as a writer and a full time worker.
  • Jessica Ralston has finished up her NaNoWriMo writing and we'll start hear more from her. We're also reviewing some of her samples and expect to see some great things from her.
  • Doc Harvard had the opportunity to do some impromptu pitching yesterday and we might be picking up a comic artist out of Colorado. We'll let you know more as it develops. Doc Harvard said Based on my conversation I can't figure out why none of the big name comic publishers haven't picked this guy up. I hope he's as good as he sounds. He'll be a great asset.
  • 42wd Publishing gave a donation of $20 to the The Dollar Project. If you can, please donate $1 yourself. Giving to Charity
  • We'll soon be adding a page to our blog that recognizes those individuals who are active supporters of the only community sourced publishing company 42wd Publishing. We thought it be some nice recognition for all your hard work and help give you some bump if your a content creator.

As always, feel free to share us with your friends that are interested in publishing, writing, novels, authors, comics, community sourced publishing, and well you get the idea. :)
We Are You and you help makes us better.

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