Monday, December 12, 2011

Order of Importance

What Really Matters

It's been nearly two weeks since my husband and I packed up our son and 3 dogs and headed to my mom's house as our road turned into a river. I wrote about the experience last Thursday in Chasing Revery. With such an unexpected event, suddenly life became a balance of necessities and a juggling of want-to-do's versus should-do's.

Last week I came across a post by Talia Vance called Or Just Kills You. In it, she states there's simply no way to be able to get everything on your To Do List checked off, so it becomes a matter of choosing what you want to do the most. I was thankful to the post and decided to take her advice.

The things that made the cut - Kids and dogs, of course. We put off delivery of items we bought on Black Friday until we couldn't any more. I had a Christmas project (a cross-stitch) I needed to finish for our family's white elephant gift exchange this upcoming weekend and my son's project to work on with him. Doctor's appointments a must (pregnant). Struggling to keep my parents small house in some type of order when it's occupants swell from two to five, plus the 3 kids I watch every week day, who are thankfully her grandkids as well.

The things that got cut - Reading (sorry for the second week in a row). Writing. Christmas cards. Christmas wrapping. Shopping for the stuff insurance doesn't cover.

The result isn't too bad. I'm excited I finished both my son and my Christmas projects. I wish the cards could be done. Wrapping can be postponed until the night before. Most of my writing lately has been pieces of practice and bits of story that I'm debating how to rewrite, so even though I haven't had time to put anything on paper, I'm still doing some of the work in my head. The part that bothers me the most is the reading bit because I was really hoping to be much further by now.

As I told my Mom and husband last night - I know this is a major 'no, duh' statement, but I could have definitely done without this flood.

That being said, with my husband focusing on coordinating the flood clean-up and repair and me managing the other end, we aren't doing too bad. Going back to my Chasing Revery post, we have been extremely lucky in the amount of help we have received. The offers of help and condolences from strangers through my husband and my different networks has been unexpected and heartwarming. So, thank you to everyone. I will do my best to continue ordering my What Gets Done list so I can continue (or restart as the case may be) my experiments with 42wd Publishing and let you know how they're going.

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