Friday, December 16, 2011

My Reality Does Not Resemble Your Earth Reality

Working Puts a Stop to Your Creative Life

by Donnelle Wheeler

Work is stupid, bills are stupid, money is stupid, having to get up and go and be tired and still be productive doing something you'd rather not be doing is stupid. Being a grown up is STUPID! There. Now that I have had my tantrum I can try to work through my issues with being any one of those kind of lame, ironically rude names people call us office workers but who dreams of a living being made creatively. I work a moderately stressful day job in the financial industry with varying hours and levels of work to be done which depending on what is going on can be somewhat rewarding and mostly just frustrating. If it weren't somewhat easy these days to be connected to the internet I honestly think I would never be able to write at all or at least any production I do manage would be laughable at best.

The main thing that really works for me is a bit old school but I always have a notebook and pen out so any random idea I have can be jotted down and if a storyline or photo project or anything pops into my head I can write it down before it's forgotten. Besides being an excellent excuse for me to buy just one more notebook whenever I move those notes to my projects folder the time between thought and transfer I can literally have almost given myself an outline. Most of my NaNo ideas come that way as well as my ideas for my blog Geek Girl Gourmet.

In any case since I do not foresee myself coming into any great fortune anytime soon I must as most authors before me have done, work for a living. I do however take and make time for writing which is quickly being expanded not just for my own creativity but also because I have found for myself that not having that outlet really stifles me in a lot of other areas in my life. I believe that any artist/creative that doesn't work directly in that type of field must take that time and nurture their passion as well as practice their craft. In this day and age it's so very easy to keep one's head down and never get anywhere but as I have noticed in researching things for the blog one space I see that people don't seem to have a problem is in food artisans. There are all sorts of artisan food crafters that have found the best recipes, ingredients and ways of doing things because they take the time to learn and grow to really practice that art. We as writers must take that same tack to make and create that sort of creative "cooking" space in both our minds and our day to day lives to get those tiny morsels down in whatever way we can and then mix them together to create something wonderfully satisfying.

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