Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Starting Out...

My uncle once told me that he liked the way I used "strewn about the porch" in a short story I wrote when I was 10, about an orphan girl who gets adopted and befriends the little servant girl. Then he gave me my first thesaurus.

I've been writing ever since then, hours spent on the family computer, teaching myself to type well enough to keep pace with the thoughts in my head, stories becoming more and more complex. After high school I moved from juvenile medieval fantasies to making serious efforts: stories complete with major and minor story arcs, with characters that had interesting pasts and odd quirks.

My mother gets very nervous when I say I'm going to be an author. "You don't have a back-up plan?" she asks me. "I think you should have a back-up plan." I tell her, "No. This is the plan. I'm going to be an author."

Currently, I'm in northeast China, passing on the wonderful and perplexing language of English to Chinese schoolchildren. I'll be back stateside in February 2012, but for now I'm enjoying China and all it has to offer.

I'm very excited to share my experiences as I tackle this author business, however, it's November and therefore National Novel Writing Month, so I'm busy pounding away at my latest noveling adventure. I'm going to stop by as often as I can to let you know how I'm doing, or post a cry for help. We'll see how it goes.

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