Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Magic of Being Stuck

I seriously cannot stress enough how behind I think I am with my NaNo project. However I am not getting the weird palpitations I'd usually get this far into the game. I still have quite a few short character pieces I can finish to post as well as photo collages I want to pull together, but I definitely feel that my usual case of writer's block is not as prevalent as it was this time last year.

That's the thing really and I think this possibly flies in the face of every single thing the majority of writings on writing usually say but I make room for a bit of a block. A moment when you hate every single part of this epic story you clearly remember being so passionate about at the start. You hate the characters, the setting, the plot, you even hate the title and it's only a working title! So I give you permission on behalf of the power vested in me by...me really to be stuck. A good portion of the folks I know doing NaNoWriMo have fallen into a stuck mode about now and you know what that's okay! As long as you have in mind some way to get yourself out of that corner/box that you may have written yourself into.

Usually I am about ready to toss the laptop across a room and my Mom will get me out and into the world which tends to blow away the cobwebs and sort of get the rusty brain gears turning again. I have even gone so far as to start in on another idea and there is just something about that gets me to break out of anything I have gotten myself trapped into. So don't beat yourself up you are not alone, there are thousands of us out there who just can't get something to work. Find a way to appease your muse and get yourself back to feeling good and cranking out those words, I hear chocolate and caffeine work wonders.

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