Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Beginnings

Hello, everyone. I'm newly joined to 42wd Publishing (as of two days ago). Doc Harvard was not harsh in our creative critique meeting - he was going over a first draft, after all. It's just all the input ... ! That was crazy. A small town girl, I don't have access to others who want to write on the level I do, or who know how to critique at that level, so I'm used to high school style mark-ups from everyone. Doc gave an informative, detailed and focused critique, including suggestions on where to research / how to learn and practice, and that was what made my poor brain light it's fuse.

I've been writing for what seems like forever. My Mom (single parent) was fully supportive until I started spending holiday breaks and summer vacations glued in front of the computer I'd finally talked her into buying. Most of that was learning to type as I copied in hundreds of pages of handwritten prose, but new stories were coming out as well. Once she realized my level of obsession, she tried to help by letting me know the odds of getting published and that I needed to actively work on a back-up career / education.

I am a rule follower (much to Doc's despair), so of course, that's what I did. I've had a few jobs, got a B.S. in Family and Child Development and even went on to start my Masters in Special Education. Fate has different ideas, though. I got sick to the point my doctors said to quit school, and they weren't joking. The land of the average student / worker was pretty much closed to me.

So of course I returned to writing. The problem was I'd just spent most of the last 10 years doing everything but. I'm rusty, though the ideas are still there. And, as stated above, I didn't have the support system (excluding my very supportive husband) or the creative circle I needed to get there.

That incredible husband of mine found me Doc Harvard and 42wd Publishing LLC. There is no doubt in my mind I have been handed the creative support I need to get to where I want to go. There is no doubt in my mind I might have a few more discussions with Doc - regarding my 'too perfect' grammar, in particular. I will be pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to enrich my environments. I will be cursing Doc as I struggle through reading books I know I will not like. In the end, I will have the product I'm looking for, and hopefully something readers will enjoy as well.

I will be posting here once a week, and on my blog (Chasing Revery) once a week as well. Here, I'll talk about my progress with my 'assignments' and process. Chasing Revery may have some of that, but from a more personal note, along with other things. And I may be sharing links back and forth. Who knows? That's the great thing about it. Good beginnings can take you anywhere.

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