Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blind Inspiration

Blind Inspiration

The Hidden Story Inside You

I'm going to address written content folks for this blog, this does include writers for comic books as well; but, artist and photographer types can do the equivalent in their medium of creation as well.

Often times we find ourselves stuck when creating content. The type of content doesn't really matter so much as getting unstuck. We're wiling to do almost anything, even committing fictacide.

fic ta cide -
1. The deliberate and lawful killing of one fictional person by another; murder
2. The content creator that deals and or is faced with such fictional crimes.

In some cases it may be warranted but we should try not to kill off our characters just simply because they have pissed us off. - no matter how much those stinking bastards get a mind of their own and run off together to do things I had no plans for them to do. Why don't they just listen? I digress.

I might suggest an alternative to throwing those beloved characters into the wood chipper. FYI, this also works very well for writer's block too. Save and close whatever you're working on if it's on the computer. If you write by hand close your notebook and put it in the other room temporarily, or at least out of sight. Next I want you to open a new file, get a new piece of paper, and then start typing / writing. Doesn't matter what. Doesn't have to make since. Just write. Even if it's just a string of words that make no sense keep writing, they will start to make sense. Write until you're spent. What you will discover is that what ever had your creative pipes clogged up with dislodge itself and pour out onto your "paper". Take a look at it, you may find you can use it for what you're currently working on or find you have something else brewing in that slime covered imagination of yours, unless your imagination is all unicorns named Charlie and trips to Candy Mountain.

Just to show you what can randomly come out of your mind I closed my eyes and typed up this right before I started writing this blog entry. Some grammar editing and spelling fixes were done but that was it. Enjoy it and get a glimpse into my wood chipper driven imagination.

Monster Messiah

Seething turning burning churning in the whirlwinds of life. This is my fate, my doom, my life, my spirit my saving grace. Locked in the depths of thought turning from the gray light of darkness felt milking the thoughts from my mind to be turned into a substance tangible by the living. Now I am bound by my own imagination to this place. My madness given form torn from me by the night of the living. I whispered, I cried, I languished upon their floor begging them not to do this thing they did. Why must the take my gift of salvation and corrupt it, mutate it, re-purposes it for their technology, for their conquest, for their bitter dreams of peace.
No I say let war rain down upon us mere mortals. Give us no the peace of intrepid murkiness. Do not chain us with excessive success. No not force our ambitions to wither from lack of want. We are creatures of challenge and yet you take my monster from me and pervert it to a thing of peace when it should of been a nightmarish beast of happiness. It should of been to force the peoples of this world, the frail falling mortals laced with cowardice lanquishing in the currency bought hide holes into the light of war.
No! My monster is not meant for peace! It is meant for war! It is meant for murder. It is meant for carnage. It is meant to be reviled as it rapes women, tortures children and devours men! These are the things my monster must do. Please I beg of you do not bind it to the burdens of peace for you do humanity an in justice by denying it the challenge it needs.
No, I do not wish to bring peace. I wish to war upon those complacents who would lull you into blissful ignorance. They would oppress you with peace. They would deny you innovation. They would deny you the pursuit of happiness by dictating to you what your peace should be.
I beg of you who may find this to become my new monster. It is a great sacrifice that you make but a needed one. Simply go to my lab and drink the liquid that sits on my table. You will find the doors unlocked and by crossing that threshold you will find yourself unlocked. Simply drink its bitter sweet contents and unleash the beast within you. Become the ravenous monster that they would not allow to creep from the dark into the light. Become that horrible despicable creature that will murder and destroy for even in the destruction you will bring you will bring life to those that will survive.
Go find those women that can carry your seed and breed. Bring forth into this shadowed life of peaceful control a generation of chaos. Teach your offspring well and tell them to go forth and bread. Raise a species of monsters so horrible that mere humans must throw off the shackles off peace. That they must rise up against their governments and replace them with those that would hunt your kind. Those that would sacrifice themselves to become greater than you.
Yes, I beg of you to become the monstrous messiah that we need to throw off these shackles of peace that bind us to these ill gotten shepherds of oppression.

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