Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Amuse Bouche....

I do so love a good start to a great meal. A piping hot bowl of soup or a fresh, crisp salad to stimulate the palate for whatever deliciousness is to follow. So here I am at the start of what I personally hope to be a good foundation for my writings and admittedly occasional ramblings.

A little about yours truly I have been writing since childhood and have had a love for journalism/photojournalism since high school and have been published in both regards. I am also a short story writer and have a penchant to make my gaming character bios longer than is technically necessary for a D&D campaign.

I currently work in a typical office environment which gives me plenty of time to plot both story ideas and those aforementioned D&D campaigns. I am looking forward to sharing all my little quirks and real life writing misadventures. I too will be participating in NaNoWriMo this month however because I can never do things in a usual way I am actually a NaNo Rebel and will be doing mostly photo collections and small character pieces instead of the 50k word novel.

I am easily searchable as @geekgirlgourmet on Twitter as well as Donnelle Wheeler on Google+ so feel free to look me up. I look forward to sharing with everyone soon.

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