Wednesday, October 12, 2011

42wd Publishing LLC - Getting It Done

42wd Publishing News

LLC, Writer, Artist and Google

Here's some quick juicy news.


It's official, 42wd Publishing has moved from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. This is great news because it allows us to leverage resources we didn't previously have available to us.


We're currently in talks with a writer. We're very excited about this as from the small sample of her work we've read we believe she has great potential. We're also excited about the opportunity this provides for us as well if she decides to go the route we hope she will then she will be the first writer to take full advantage of the new way of publishing and ePublishing.


We've got a new comic artist in the wings. As soon as we can close the deal with her we'll start work on doing some ePublishing / online comic publishing with her. We're trying to talk her into letting us do a sample posting of her work. It's humor boiled down to its purest form.


We've got two things going on involving Google, indirectly. We're currently evaluating the suite of Google products as a potential launching platform for some artist and writers. We also got the opportunity to see some really great things coming for Google+. We've got to get clearance on what we can share - they're waiting on us. As soon as we get the opportunity to write it up and get it approved by Google we'll get it straight here.

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