Tuesday, September 27, 2011

42wd Publishing - Where a Comic Company Turned Into a Publishing Company

42wd Publishing
I've sat thinking and consulting with the 42wd Publishing team trying to come up with a nice fancy style and we finally decided that we're going to start this blog out the way we do things, that's raw and real.

If you're following me on Google+ you'll see that I'm  real and this is the way I keep 42wd Publishing.

The publishing and ePublishing world has lost its honor. Gone are the days when the art was what publishing was about and unfortunately the greed driven architecture of old world publishing has invested the fledgling ePublishing world. 42wd Publishing will do everything in our power to not only stop this cycle but also, hopefully, change the way the sticks in the mud are running things now. Ours is not the simple plan of making money, though we will do that, ours is the complex plan of changing the way people think and share their art.

I'm not going to go to deep into 42wd Publishing in this blog entry but what I will promise you is that 42wd Publishing will bring to you an open, straight forward, ePublishing company like you have never seen before. We aren't going to hide behind brick and mortar, pass the blame onto someone else, try to fix prices, or any of the rampant stupidity that is in the publishing world today.

42wd Publishing got it's start in the artist Doc Harvard [me], and has editors, writers, more artist and technology people who have joined not just some philosophy on paper but a true revolutionary mind set. We're not just going to moan and bitch about how the publishing and ePublishing world isn't creator friendly. We're not going to whine and complain about how the marketers get to decide what is and isn't published. No, what we are going to do is use a model that puts creators back in touch with the consumers of their content. If a creator is successful will depend on their skill and not who they talk into pimping them out to the masses.

We don't plan on taking over the world, it's just going to happen - well at least in our comics.

Be advised, this is going to be a raw blog. We're going to share the ups and downs of our path from idea to business. You should stay tuned, or we'll steal your cookies, because you will see things that you've never seen before.

Next issue - where the idea came from.

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